Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Tangle on the Go kits... and finished Chicago

I've had a busy tangley week. I finished 3 of these, which shipped out (I mentioned them earlier in the week but I've had some requests for more pics and some of the various options)

Classic black with red. Colors that are perfect for my Zentangle® supplies!
(Personalized ones are fun too!)
The fat clutch handles make it look so cute!
This was a new style, with a tan and black interior, I love it! I'm going to do some renaissance style books with it!

I also finished my Chicago Skyline yesterday.
Sadly I've discovered I have to start watermarking everything.... it's usually NOT watermarked on my personal page, so if we're friends on fb you can see stuff without it or as always you can just email me and I'll share with people personally. There's a border that I tend to ignore so that's why it doesn't look quite straight but once matted and/or framed, it looks pretty awesome if I do say so myself! 

Chicago, Zentangle Inspired Art, Skyline Project
I am loving these. I have a whole list I'm working my way through. Today though, my hand is a little tired, so I am going to do something a little less tangley today. (I have a Zendala class tomorrow I've been prepping for too!)


  1. You to go kits are amazing, as is your Chicago skyline.

  2. Love the finished skyline! And the on-the-go kits are such a cool idea...

    I have my weekly post today, including all the items for the week and today's note cards.

  3. I love the tan and black kit! So classic. And that skyline is amazing!

  4. Your kits are cute. I assisted a couple of young artists be creative today.