Monday, March 16, 2015


One of the things I've been doing periodically is putting all the official tangle patterns onto bijou tiles and into a binder. That way I know I am skilled in all of them, plus I like to use it as a reference for my students.  I worked on these. So, Zinger, Oof, Ix and one of my favorites, Pea-knuckle!

I also created a new Pinterest board that's going to be tangle patterns if you're interested. So I spent some time (I plead the 5th about how long) pinning some stuff on there to get started.
Tangle Patterns- Zentangle Stuff

What have you been working on?
Just so everyone knows.. I do go look at all the links. I don't always get time to comment on everything but I do ALWAYS go look. :)

It's part of my morning routine to go look at what got done the previous day.

So, go do something awesome today. :) I can't wait to see!


  1. Cool idea about using Bijou tiles for reference.
    I have a new mandala template today, with more to come!

  2. Great work on the Bijou tiles. I don't really like doing Pea-Nuckle a lot, love the look , just not doing it. I can do it a little better after seeing Ellen Wolters do it. Had a funky weekend and didn't get a lot accomplished. I posted a tag I did and some happy mail I got.

  3. Those are sweet! I bought a 2015 calendar that has 1 inch squares that I want to do the same in. Have I done It? Have I started it? Not yet...