Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Look! Giant tiles!

This doesn't look all that exciting but holy smokes was it a lot of work! (It will be more impressive when you see it all done, but for now, it's kind of lame looking.

I created giant 20x20 burlap wrapped tiles.
Burlap is itchy by the way.
Like... super itchy and unravels if you don't pull threads and it's just not my favorite thing to work with, but the results are cool.

It was kind of hard to photograph them, but the edges are nice and crisp, they are all smooth and ready for display! WOO HOO!!!

Did you make anything fun lately? What have you created?


  1. I'll match your tease with one of my own. Work in progress.

  2. Interesting, can't wait to see them completed. I completed my first pocket letter and will be mailing it tomorrow. I hope the postage isn't a shock to my wallet as it is going to Canada.