Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Donations and gifts and baskets

I like to donate and volunteer. I know that I am truly lucky to be able to create things that I want using my abilities and that not everyone can do that, so I really like to support when I can.
I get asked A LOT to donate things to various charities and causes and when I can, I do.
Kindness matters, helping helps.
I advocate for Vets.
I like to donate to the arts, especially local groups which work with kids and stuff.
I also am an artist for Peach's Neet Feet which I've talked about in the past. I always like to mention that because the more people that support that organization the better!
I donate to animal rescues because that's how some of the very best additions to my life have found me.

But anyway, it's that time of year.... it's fundraiser time!!!! Which means that I have about 10 things that I've committed to.
One of the things I like to give as an auction item is a gift certificate for sneakers....but how do I convey that? It's easy to put together a Zentangle® basket or a little painting to raffle or giveaway.
I finally figured it out. I have a pair of "traveling shoes" that go to these events to "pose" for the cameras with my display, but it's 1 pair.
So I created a photo book to send as a display. I HOPE that works out pretty.

That's what I did this morning. :D
(this is the upload picture, it hasn't gotten here yet)

It's a beautiful spring day here... what are you going to do with yours?


  1. The photo book is a great idea. When I do a class or a demo, I have a box with samples of my work, different binders, etc. It's nice to have a few things to show, but a photo book or two will take up a lot less room.

  2. The book is a good idea. I commend you for your volunteerism.