Friday, April 17, 2015

Cuteness overload!

I have never watched Bubble Guppies. Guppys? I'm not even sure.... but they were a request for a little boy so I've been working on them, and I have to say they are adorable. I really like them a lot.
The kids do too, lol.. they are like "Why weren't these a thing when I was little, there is a  SEADOG!!!"
I have to say, I kind of love the seadog, merdog, whatever it is.

The fish are adorable too. In fact, while I was painting, my son kept lining up goldfish crackers on my laptop.
I say my kids and you think little right? Nope. They're 13 & 17 and both tower over me.. but they still like to act like kids which is awesome.

See? Goldfish. 

So that's pretty much my most recent. :)
I have some other stuff to work on, but sneakers are a big item right now. One of my best friends is getting married so I have a pair of bridal sneakers to make. 

What are you working on?


  1. Awww, love those cute characters!

  2. Too cute! I am currently fighting my way out of a crafting slump. Yuck!