Monday, April 13, 2015

Playing with Mooka

Today's bit of creativity is less about the artwork itself and more about my playing with Vine to see if I can do some of what I'd like to going forward.
I finally got something I'm sort of happy with. Not so much the finished piece, but the clip. :)
If you like them let me know and I'll do more that actually have some real content to them.

Go make something awesome! It's a great day!


  1. Cool video! I'll have to check into Vine.
    Today I did some stamp carving.

    1. Vine's nice, they've made some changes which make it easier, but it's still only super short video. Perfect for this but nothing more extensive.

  2. You know Mooka is my mac 'n cheese!!

  3. Great video! I am learning to love mooka, but it is still is difficult!