Sunday, April 12, 2015

I have thought it was Sunday... ALL WEEK

And now it finally is and I keep thinking it's Saturday! LOL

I almost never make cards anymore, and I do love it.
This little stamp set is awesome for a perfect little "everyday card." It's "Three little words" by Stampin Up and I think it's retired, but I know you all know how to find it somewhere on etsy or ebay or whatever if you can't get it.

 I like to have some of these on hand for those occasions when I need a card, but forgot to plan for it! (oops)

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


  1. I make a lot of cards. Where can I find the directions for the fold you used? Your cards are awesome!

  2. Great cards. I've been enjoying making cards with Gelli® prints. It's a great use for them,

  3. I hope to be starting some cards this week. A new venture for me; we'll see how it goes. I have linked up a Zentangle tile tonight, it's on Pinterest with the hashtag and also on Facebook. Shading was a big problem with this new one; still working on that. Thanks for making all this so much fun, lady! I am having a blast, even though i don't get to post much.