Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Business cards are done!

Wooohoo!!! That was a lot of work!
Since I am using for my CZT business cards, I got to use 50 different designs. Do you know how hard it is to select 50 different designs and then also get the logo and everything else the way I want it?
It's hard friends! So hard!
But I finally did it and I'm really pleased with how they appear to be going to look.
(I won't know of course until they're actually here in my hands) but here's a sneak peek!

I'm also still working on the website, and hoping that'll be done by the weekend.

After that I can spend some more time with my hands messy! :D

Here's hoping you are having some really creative days yourself and that you have lots to show me!


  1. I've toyed with the idea of creating square business cards through Moo. Nice to know that you can have up to 50 designs. How fun.

  2. Lovely business cards. I love your tile.

  3. Your business cards look good. I posted some more catchup and current challenge stuff.

  4. I love my square business cards, even though I got them before they started offering rounded corners.

    Today is my weekly post with all the week's goodies.