Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Rocking sneakers

I have been waiting a bit to share these with all of you, but these were a custom order for an up and coming musician! You can check her out here...

Some work in progress pics




 And then a little collage of them as a whole.
I'm really pleased with how these came out.
Fun, funky and all kinds of soft and edgey at the same time.

Today, it's chairs again. I think they might get finished today. :D I can't wait to show you the chairs. I love color!


  1. Interesting class teaching zendalas to Decorative Painters last weekend. They all wanted to 'get it right'. I'm so glad at least one of the gals wanted to do her own thing!

  2. Wow! Those shoes! They look like fun to wear!

  3. Cool shoes. Looks like they might be lethal! ;)