Sunday, May 31, 2015

Grand opening day 1

So the night before my opening I went over to check a few things right before I went to bed, kind of assess and see what needed done in the morning etc...
and the lock on my front door jammed and it took over a half hour to get it closed and locked. For real.
In the pouring rain.

It was the only half hour ALL DAY it rained but it got locked.
So I came home and called the maintenance guy who authorized a locksmith for me and then I called not 1, not 2, but 3 different 24 hour locksmiths. None of which answered their phone. Awesome huh?
I left a message with all 3 and only one got back to me first thing yesterday morning. He met me at the studio at 9 and got it all fixed but I was having a mini freak out and it set me about a half hour behind. Everything went off great though.

My sister made amazing cupcakes...
Aren't they beautiful? They were even MORE delicious!
She's really creative too! :D I think she needs to open a bakery.  Hmmmm..... maybe a future project.

One of my best friends came and did some facepainting
The kids did some chalking out front too!

I had a steady stream of people coming in throughout the day to say hi, be supportive and check things out! I'll get more pictures of the studio all done during Day 2 of my opening...
Everyone have a great day and thanks for coming on this journey with me!


  1. The cupcakes look yummy! Don't know which one I would've grabbed! Why is it things always go awry when pressed for time? I am glad it all got sorted out and wish you the best of luck.

  2. Glad things got resolved in time. Love the pics!

  3. Congratulations on the grand opening. Those cupcakes look scrumptious.

  4. Even though I live hundreds of miles from you, I've been getting more excited each day with your posts leading up to your Grand Opening. Congratulations and best wishes to you!