Thursday, January 1, 2015

#WhimsybyKelly2015 Challenge- Begin as you mean to go on

Good morning!!!! Happy New Year!
"Begin as you mean to go on...."
I don't know who said it historically... or if they even did, but probably a lot of people did, I'm sure there's a meaningful quote, but I don't need to look it up, because I know who said it to me. 
Two teachers said it to me, oddly enough not at the same time and neither was an art teacher.
Mr. Feltges taught English and Mr. Starr was my drama teacher. Both left a lasting impression.
In fact, those are some of the wisest words ever spoken to me I think. 
Set out to begin things that way you mean to continue them, let others and yourself know what your standards and expectations are, do it the way you plan on doing it RIGHT FROM THE START.
It's almost the start of a new year.
"Begin as you mean to go on... "
So while I won't be setting any actual resolutions, I will be making conscious choices, especially today and in the next couple of days or so as to how I want and expect my life to go for the next year and in general going forward. Somehow not looking at it as a resolve, but looking at the choices as a new direction makes all the difference for me.
How are you going to start the beginning of your new year? Will you begin as you mean to go on?
I plan to focus on my creativity and my positivity this year, which is one of the reasons I started this challenge. 
So, let's BEGIN.

Today is the 1st. A brand new year, a brand new start. Our brand new journey on this challenge. Thanks for joining me, and welcome! 

A few extra details that weren't in yesterday's post (I'll go in and add them as an edit so everything is in one place for reference)
Please link directly to that day's submission, not just your blog or your pinterest. Specific url makes my life much easier. :)
I added it yesterday but it bears repeating, keep it clean. I am ok with some nudity if your art calls for it, art is art but anything pornographic will be deleted. I reserve the right to decide what is porn. (I'm pretty liberal, but there may be some kids participating, let's make it comfortable for everyone)
Make friends here! Visit one another's links, take a peek at what they are creating! BE INSPIRED!
Please use #whimsybykelly2015 if you are sharing on twitter, instagram, facebook, G+ that way I can search that # and if it's visible I can find it!
You can go back and add art to a previous day ANY time you want to during the year but after that week I won't "count" it towards any monthly prizes. It's just too hard to keep track. It will still count towards any yearly prizes though and it also gives you bragging rights.
Works in progress count. Don't feel you have to finish something to be able to post it. But don't keep posting something that doesn't show progress. :)
I am going to try and put my post up every morning before 9 some days it might include my art... some days it might tell you what I'm going to do.
Some days there may be a prompt... but I only promise one prompt per week (on Thursdays) and even then it's going to be pretty vague. I am not looking to direct your art, I want to be here to encourage you to create. Look for a prompt on Thursdays.
 I don't really want to work ahead of all of you, but I'm considering working 1 day ahead so that I have something to show you. Here is something I have finished to end 2014. It's a reminder to me to focus on things that are important and it's my first ever Opus tile (10x10) which is awesome because I love working in that size, so having Zentangle® tiles in that size made me really happy.  

I have 2 brand new "New Year Projects" that I am starting today though, so I wanted to start them on the 1st, so I'll be working on these today. 
Carole Ohl's Tangle a day 2015 calendar (which you can buy here if you are interested)

An art journal I am working on with other CZTs. This is  a Mixed Media travelbook by Cachet. Hopefully I'll like it, I've not used it yet. :D 

Alright, Let's do this.

Your prompt? 



  1. What a delightful challenge. I love that it is so open ended to all things creative (even those things that are in process).

    1. I'm so glad. I really want people to participate and feel like they can share anything... creativity takes sooooo many forms, I don't want to limit anyone! As far as work in progress.... I know sometimes I work small, and sometimes I work on 19 things at once and everything is in different stages so I didn't want to say that doesn't count, because that's sometimes when we are our MOST creative!

  2. If I want to link several things (I will date them) once a week on my blog, how do I set that up? Does each day need a link or can it be a once a week thing?

    1. You can post 1 a week if you'd like. As long as you date them individually I can count them as however many for that week if it's easier for you. :) So if on Sunday you post for 3 days, that would count as 3.. just make a note of it in the post or whatever

  3. There we go. Off to a good start. Drawing with my daugther. :-)

  4. Start as you mean to go on was my mantra last night as I finished all the laundry, put it away and made sure the dishwasher was empty before midnight!
    This is going to be a lot of fun! Thanks

  5. One down, 364 to go! I had been wanting to create some new mandala templates this year, so I posted the first one.

  6. I created a new board on Pinterest specifically for this project. - I didn't want to do this on my blog as I'll probably be including a variety of 'creative' projects. Wish me luck!

    1. Great! I look forward to seeing all your creations!

  7. I posted on pinterest - bostrom 0885

  8. I am posting what I worked on yesterday on my pinterest. dolly84726 is my pinterest name.

  9. Thank you, Kelly....that info you posted really helped me....I'm so glad because I really want to do this challenge.... thanks again, Janet

  10. You may be sorry you taught me. I love posting my work,and getting feedback and constructive criticism. I've only been doing zentangle for two months,but I've been painting for years.I use soft pastels, and...........I'm for Massachusetts too! Originally :-)

  11. I am posting on day one and day two. My inchie from yesterday is for day one and my it's a string thing is for day two.

  12. I hope I did that Linkey thing correctly!
    I'm really excited about taking part in the Challenge! I especially love that you can do whatever medium you want for it; I'm going to be including some baking, drawing, coloring, etc.
    I'm even tempted to include some Lego creations my son and I make, haha.
    Tonight, I'm going to color in an Owl coloring book as another creation; I'm a little too excited about it, too, lol

  13. My creative time may be small each day, but I love the challenge to carve it out nonetheless. Thanks for the Challenge!

  14. ?? Did the link work this time??? :)