Friday, January 9, 2015

Busy day!!!!

I had a really busy day yesterday.
I did my Tangle a Day calendar, and remembered to post pics of the ones I'd done so far.
4th Mooka, 5th-Hollibaugh, 6th-Printemps

7th-Static, 8th-
I am LOVING this calendar.. it's fun to monotangle each day, I'm trying to create 2 looks with each Tangle I use.

Yesterday I gave the prompt to turn something that was a "mistake" into something new.
I had a tile that I kept for some reason, pen explosion had trashed my idea of a mandala on it...
I saw someone post a string made by blowing ink and thought... BINGO! TRY THAT!
So I took the tile and did exactly that.
I also decided that I would fill it with tangles that I don't use as much as I should.
Here's what I came up with! It was fun and different and forced me to not plan at all.

I am still working on my class, but I have it mostly together. It's going to go on a card.
So all in all, productive day yesterday! Today I am going to work with the tangle I deconstructed so that I can share it with you tomorrow.


  1. Finished this one up and posted it yesterday - just forgot to get the link up here!

  2. Love your tiles. The pensplosion made a great string.

    1. I was really shocked at how nicely that turned out and it's quite different from my usual work so that was a nice bonus!

  3. Some digital art today. I scanned four Gelli prints and combined them digitally four different ways with very different results.