Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Deadpool Converse

These are a recent custom design. I knew as soon as I saw the Converse themselves that they were destined for a pair of sneakers I'd been dying to make. (This style would be AMAZING for Harley Quinn too)

These took a little longer than sneakers normally take me but I am really quite pleased with how they turned out. 

Now, I think it's time to go work with pen and paper for the rest of the day!
I need to post them in my shop too, but that can wait til later.

Hope everyone is being super productive and creative today!


  1. These are a really cool pair of Converses. Good job.

  2. I did sell this pair, this was a custom order. I do have others available in my shop... that are a little different. You can see them here. I am only taking holiday orders until Monday though, so if you are interested let me know asap.