Sunday, March 1, 2015

Invisible creativity

Today is another day of invisible creativity for me. I spent the morning making lists, looking at various places to teach and share Zentangle as well as various marketing plans for my sneakers. Pushed myself to think outside of the box, be a little creative and come up with some new ideas. I have some good ones, a few things I haven't thought of before and poof the morning is gone! Also, Buffalo set a record for Feb as the coldest on record. Yay us. (I desperately need a sarcasm font) March is a new month, it will become spring in many corners of the world soon! It'll be winter a little longer here, but at least there is a light somewhere among the snowdrifts! Making anything great today?


  1. Invisible creativity is good! I also like your idea of a sarcasm font, please invent one - I want it. It would come in handy. But then I could see me really misusing it - emails to my principal, parent notes, you get the idea, lol! My entry is for days 58, 59 and 60. Lots of stuff for a messy weather week-end.

  2. We're breaking cold records here too. We were used to this kind of cold when we lived in Ottawa, but it's not supposed to be this crazy cold in Southern Ontario!

    My entry for today is a new circular grid tangle. I'm working on another cool one for tomorrow.

  3. I wish I could scoop all of you up and Kelly could do a class down here! We're going to be in the mid 80s on Wednesday!