Sunday, March 15, 2015

Work in progress

Working on the skyline some more.

Been binge watching Criminal Minds and being lazy this weekend, but tangling has been done. I'ts a little warmer here, but it's snowing again. (At least some of it melted before it started again!)
What are you all working on this weekend? 


  1. I was teaching yesterday and we worked on a projects incorporating gears. What fun!

  2. Here is my day 73 and 74. Not very much for today. Lesson plans are taking my day, but I did get my inchie done.

  3. NONONO!!! Our snow is melting, We don't want more!

    Hey Sue, I have gears too, in some of the Gelli prints I posted today and yesterday.

  4. I'm dashing to play catch-up because I don't want to get any behinder!