Thursday, March 5, 2015

Music as Inspiration

Yesterday I talked about putting together a prompt for my art journal group. Today I'm sharing that with you, because it IS Thursday and I do try to give you a prompt once in a while.
So, if you're in my group, you've seen this already. If not.. here's your challenge this week.

“Without Music, Life would be Blank to Me.” ~Jane Austen

     I need music like most people need air. The funny part? I can’t carry a tune in a bucket and as small children, my kids used to ask me “Please don’t sing Mommy.”  My dad had musical gifts and so does my husband and daughter.  I wish I could sing, I used to play the violin but it was always a struggle for me to make music, but oh, do I appreciate it.
    Music fuels my creativity like nothing else, in fact, if you put me in a room with some paint, some pens, a lot of paper and some music, I’m pretty sure I’d stay there indefinitely. If you send in wine and chocolate I’m sure of it!
     So this week I encourage you to embrace music as inspiration. Maybe you want to incorporate a song into your pages, or maybe you are inspired by a particular band. Maybe just create something based on what you are listening to. 

(forgive the pics, but that’s one of my first tangles ever!)

This wasn’t to be my week for the prompt, I’m pinch hitting here… so I don’t have my journal example done, but I have used music as inspiration multiple times in the past.
This was a guitar that I made for my Dad for Father’s day. 

As I said, he’s musical. I repurposed one that was well loved and it is playable, but had some scratch and dent. I used the song he used to sing me as a little girl, Country Roads by John Denver to tangle him something that was meaningful to us both, The music is around the outside and there’s a quote about it taking someone special to be a Dad on it, because remembering that song takes me back to being 7 years old. That’s what music does. (If you want to see more pics here's the post where I originally shared it) 

This week I’m actually working on a banjo, but my journal pages will be created using a favorite song that always inspires me to create.
I hope you have fun with this, and let it take you where it will.
Music can be a time capsule, a holder of emotions and therapy all at once. When combined with other types of art, it might be the most powerful force of all!

I can’t wait to see what everyone does with this!
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  1. That is gorgeous! I came from a family where if you don't sing well, sing loud!
    What happened to Mr. Linky?

    1. Fixed it! Sorry, not sure where it went!

  2. I always have music on when I'm working in the studio. I have a bunch of playlists and I change things up according to my mood.

    Today I have a large circular Celtic knot that I've been working on for a while and finished today. This is a hand-drawn one, shaded with Prismacolor French Greys.