Friday, March 13, 2015

For love of my little Gamers

I am surrounded by nerds. :) I say that in the most loving of ways, but in one way or another everyone in my life geeks out in a major way about SOMETHING. It's a huge influence on what I make.
Sometimes you start making stuff by accident (like the sneakers) and like the earrings. I don't do a lot of jewelry because I'm not a metalsmith and it had never occured to me to branch into that direction until...
So, see Thing 1 has a best friend. We'll call her J. She recently helped out watching our dogs and while I paid her, I wanted to give her something a little more personal. She is a HUGE Zelda fan. I think my youngest minion actually has a crush on her (though he will never admit it) because if she was blonde, she would be everything he ever dreamed of. LOL
But J will sit and play video games with him for hours, then she studies with Thing 1 and they get their Supernatural or Doctor Who nerd on and really, when you have teens, you want them embracing these things in my opinion... but I wandered off again.
J is a good kid. I wanted to make her something she wouldn't find anywhere else so I made her these.
Zelda earrings
The pair above obviously isn't done because they are in her ears almost all the time. LOL
But she suggested I make other things as well as these and put them in my shop.

So my project is more of those (because I just shipped out the last pair I had made) as well as some cute new Mario inspired designs. These are probably going to take a little more work, but that's ok. They were just a test and I have a good friend who is Mario obsessed that  I can send these practice pairs to! 

Red Mario inspired Mushrooms

Green Mario inspired Mushrooms

And then these are my new favorites. :) 
I'm keeping a pair for myself.
Mario style stars

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. These earrings are great! I came across this collection of images of jewelry based on books - pretty cool!

  2. Such cute and fun earrings! Here is my collection of "days"! I have days 69 - 72. It took a while to get them posted this week. I have come home from school exhausted - but then I haven't worked a full 5 day week in forever - due to weather!