Thursday, March 12, 2015

Chicago is my kind of town!

I actually adore Chicago, so when it was suggested for a skyline, I knew it was going to be my next one.
I spent one of the weekends that was the MOST FUN EVER in Chicago back in the spring in the early 90s. I stayed at the Hotel Lincoln, spend a day at the Lincoln Park Zoo, ate some great pizza, went to a fun wedding, realized that the offical shoe of the city seemed to be the rollerblade at the time and of course there were cocktails and dancing and so much energy!
Frank Sinatra said Chicago was his kinda town, it was also mine!
So I'm not very far with this yet.. but here we go.

Do you think it would be fun if I started posting the outlines before telling you where it is? And people could guess? :D
Kind of a "Name that skyline!" idea?
Just for fun?

Today's Thursday and the sun is out. Today's prompt is to do something that makes you think of spring!


  1. If you are ever back in Chicago give me a shout! And yes, I recognized the Sears Tower/Willis Tower right away!

  2. Spring is coming! I saw my first robin today! Yay!
    I am celebrating with a new Celtic knot template.

  3. I think playing a guessing game would be fun. I wasn't very visually creative today, but I was organizationally creative.

  4. It was a gorgeous day in the garden!