Saturday, May 31, 2014

And I shall call her....Zoey! (And the official challenge details!)

I am really excited about the way this turned out. I am a huge fan of giraffes and when I saw this I instantly knew I wanted to make it patchwork. This one took me a while, but I only started it last night so it wasn't too bad!
I used my watercolor pencils to add some color, which I don't normally do...but they were perfect for this and just really had some fun with it.
My daughter and I decided it's a girl, and my son decided her name is Zoey!
Isn't she cute?! (I wish she was an actual stuffed animal!)

Ok! And now onto the next piece, my

Kelly's 30 day "Kreative" Challenge!

It starts tomorrow and runs from June 1- June 30.

I challenge you, to be creative every day for the next 30 days.
I am pushing myself this year to really make sure that I am doing something EVERY day, no matter how small and I want to see how many of you will join me!

I am hoping to have one of those cool Mr. Linkey things up and running by tomorrow but I'm struggling with it a little, so until I do, please just leave your links in the comments. 

There are only a few rules and that's to keep it simple.

Complete something every day, or as many days during the challenge as you can. 
It doesn't have to be big, or intricate. Just draw or paint, or sketch or knit or doodle or whatever it is you want to do that makes you feel creative! 
Try and link them daily, if not, then no later than Sunday night of each week and note what day it's for in your title or somewhere in your blog post or link.
Please link directly to what you want me to see, otherwise I might miss it.
Tell your friends!

There are going to be TWO prizes.

One for the person who completes the most days... and then one will be drawn randomly from the people who entered, each project is good for one entry. 

So now that I said that... what am I giving away? 
I thought I'd give away a set of my favorite micons in winners choice of black or multicolor 

and I've also decided to give away a wooden spiral art drawing set like mine, because it's gorgeous and I love it so much. 

So don't forget... and I hope to see you back here tomorrow for day 1! 


  1. It looks like a lot of fun. I'll try to join in a couple times at least. :)
    Does this count? I started it awhile back, but I worked on it today for about 15 minutes. I'm about to put the computer away and work on it a little more.

  2. Share it tomorrow! :) Then it can count. Contest is going to run June 1-30th so that I don't get mixed up on my days.

  3. Thanks Kelly, I'll try my best at doing something each day :) not sure where to post so I posted on my blog too

  4. I just "created" a blog because I couldn't think of another way to link to :)

  5. Since I don't always have daily blog time, I'm going to link every Saturday (that's 7 artsy things per post)! Hope that's ok :)

    1. That will be fine, just click on the top of the page, and you'll be able to link it on Sat's post!

  6. not sure where to post - here are 2 more

    1. Hi Lily, click on the main blog to find the most recent post. there is a Linkey thing on each post that you can enter them in. Starting today there will be a new Linkey for each day.

  7. I joined before I saw the prizes, but I have to tell you that I am lusting after the wooden Spirograph! <3

  8. Hey, Kelly! What a great idea! May I join in although it's already day 4?
    Beautiful giraffe! Would indeed be wonderful if it were a stuffed cuddly giraffe.


  10. You can buy it on etsy here.