Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Tangles and Ink

Practicing some for an upcoming offering in my studio.
Tangles and Ink! And exploration of alcohol inks and Zentangle!

 Ceramic tiles!

I'm excited about how this turned out!

And paper tiles!

So I think a lot of good work was done yesterday... I'll be using some of these examples and pictures in the promos for the upcoming class.

I'd love to have some of my local people come check it out!


  1. So much fun that I can't wait for this class!! Hope to see lots of people sign up...

  2. Looks like fun. I love the cool effects you can get with alcohol inks. I need to do some just so I can scan them and use them in my digital art.

    I have my weekly blog post today, including some work in progress from the online class I'm taking, Mixed Media FX, and some new digital art.

    Also wanted to say hi to Sara (waving from Canada). I love the Zentangle pottery pieces.