Friday, March 20, 2015

Last night's Zendala class

I have been pretty busy making lots of samples and designs to add to my Zendala collection for the class I had last night. I've posted a few but not really close up because I didn't want to give away anything for my students who might have been peeking.

Here are some of my recent pieces.

The one I struggled with the most? The teaching one. It's just too big for the paper :)

So last night I had 6 amazing ladies for this Zendala class. It was so much fun!!!
I want to show some of the work in progress of my students.. .

And completed

And now onto tile 2.... where they learned to create a Lotus mandala and then we tangled it together!

 And again... complete!

I had so much fun with this class and I'm considering putting together a Zendala series so that we can delve deeper into these in the future.

The fun part is that none of these students have taken more than 2 classes with me! Aren't they amazing? :D

Today, I'm going to drink some tea and plan out 5 pairs of sneakers that I'll be working on this weekend. The creative part of that isn't very visual, but might actually be the hardest part. :)
It's going to be so much fun! (My first pair of bridal sneakers are in this batch!!!)

So enjoy your Friday, do something awesome, make something amazing and if you've got big plans and I don't see you til Monday, have a great weekend!


  1. Those are fantastic as always! I loved the way the one zendala looked like it was turning.

    Wedding sneaks! Can't wait to see those!

  2. Love seeing all the work from you class, looks like you had fun.
    I drew a dove in pen & ink and coloured pencil, based on a Ben Kwok template.

  3. Your Zendalas are great, and your students did a good job. I posted my challenge responses. I actually completed them and scanned them yesterday just didn't do my post until this morning.

  4. Kelly ~ these are so beautiful. You do amazing work!