Monday, March 2, 2015

Home Sweet Home... Buffalo, NY

I complain a lot lately about my 9 billion tons of snow and how it snows so long here, and I joke that I've been to a huge % of the world and yet still ended up back here, but there's a reason.
Buffalo is an AMAZING place to live, the people are friendly, there's a ton of culture, history and art as well as some of the prettiest summers anywhere.
Plus you know... Niagara Falls! (Which I almost never go to unless I have company in from out of town, you really DO take things for granted)

But Buffalo is a special kind of place. I've had lots of ideas of things to do to commemorate my hometown for a long time but it never felt quite right, until recently I came up with a plan.
Here is the first in that series.
Buffalo, NY  #buffalolove
I like this a lot, I plan to do a series of originals for Buffalo as well as skylines from other places for my shop.  I'll do originals and prints as well as notecards, which are things people have been asking for.

It was so much fun to do!

Now to get started on the next skyline!

What are you doing today?


  1. I love the skyline idea, looking forward to seeing more.

    I have another circular grid today, using the tangle Sails by Helen Williams. I like how this one turned out.

  2. That's great and I see one of my favorites: Orbz!

  3. I love your skyline! I would love to "borrow" your idea and do one for Chattanooga! How lovely.