Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Customs, customs everywhere! Must be Christmas!

I'm not familiar with the anime Sword Art Online. It's not something either of my kids are really into, and I just haven't been exposed to it as much as I have been some of the other orders I've had requested. It made these challenging, combined with the fact that I struggle a bit with anime anyway, I wasn't sure they'd turn out. I opted for a watercolor feel, and in the end they turned out with a very "Final Fantasy 7" kind of feel, which is what i got from the reference images I was given for Sword Art Online.
I really hope they're happy with them... I think I am.

And of course there are ALWAYS galaxies to paint. 

Christmas keeps me busy.

I love that my "Christmas rush" involves creating. It gets me in the holiday spirit. Today I bring the Christmas music into the studio!

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