Saturday, December 5, 2015

Behind the scenes stuff...

So I have a bunch of sneakers shipping out but I don't want to share too many of them because I know that people are giving them as gifts and it's not fun to ruin a surprise.

Other than that I've been doing some behind the scenes stuff.. Tangle Troves are in the processing of shipping out again so that people can have them for the holiday! Aren't these cute mailers?
I didn't want to go full out holiday, there is one holiday component and then I used festive packaging. I figure this way, if people don't celebrate, or are too busy to play with their new stuff, it will still be stuff they enjoy all year.

So that's kept me pretty busy on top of sneakers but it's a lot of fun.

And as far as sneakers go... just a reminder...  I put this together as a reminder for my Etsy shop.

I hope you're all finding time to get into the holiday spirit and that you're ahead of where you want to be on your decorating, baking, shopping, etc and that you are making time for YOU to be creative and enjoy yourself!

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  1. I'm not big on holiday stuff, so most of my time is still spent on artistic pursuits, almost all of which I can talk about. ;) Today's work is the finished dog mosaic from my colouring book.