Thursday, December 31, 2015

And it's over... 1 year of creativity.

I had planned out this piece for most of the year. I suspected that it would be seasonally appropriate when I did it... but oddly, it's not. There's still no real snow here in Buffalo NY for the first time that I ever remember.
But I put the final touches on it today to make it my final piece for the year.

And... Wooohoo! We did it.
I created something, most days art of some kind... EVERY DAY This year.
Every. Day.
The push to do so has been amazing and has held me accountable. I'm going to continue next year, although I won't be posting daily. I found that harder to do than the creating.

I'm going to create a weekly challenge of some kind and I'm still going to continue to create every day and I hope you will as well. If you completed your 300... please send me either your email or your mailing address. I want to send you a little something!

Not my image... I can't find where I found it, but I loved it. :)
If it's yours please let me know so I can credit you
Thank you so much for your participation, for your friendships, for joining me on this really great journey.

Make stuff everyone.
Make stuff EVERY DAY.

Now... starting tomorrow... um.. yeah, tomorrow...
I have a contest. :)

So check back, learn a little more about what I'll be doing next year and hey,


  1. I love your picture. Like you, the posting was the hard part. Not the creating - I do that nearly non stop anyway, lol. I need the few minutes it provides after teaching all day - helps me to unwind. I did not miss one day!! Yahoo. I have a pinterest board with all 365 posts. My email is I can't wait to see your weekly challenge - what day of the week will it be out?

  2. Beautiful picture! Wow! Congratulations Kelly and everyone who made the challenge. Although, I didn't create everyday, I enjoyed reading your blog and was inspired to do art often. Thank you for a wonderful year of inspiration and encouragement! :)

  3. Thanks so much for your challenge to be creative every day. I didn't always post what I did every day, but I was more mindful of being creative and enjoying the beauty of our world.

  4. Thank you so much Kelly and other participants! I posted my last weekly post for the year, but it's not the end. I will continue my weekly posts because this is a habit I want to keep. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  5. Kelly! That is a beautiful watercolor. Wow!

  6. Thanks for the challenge - I didn't quite create art as often as I wanted. Anyways, I certainly didn't get it posted. I did try do do 'something' on a regular basis - even if that sometimes meant only going up to my studio and shuffling art supplies around.