Tuesday, December 22, 2015

3 days til Christmas and less than 10 left in the challenge!

Where where does time go? I am AMAZED at how much I accomplished this year.
I hope as we are wrapping up you feel like you tried some new fun stuff, that you created a lot, that you had fun and that you've learned something about yourself.

I will have done some form of creating EVERY day for the last year.. in just under 10 days Wow.
If you'd asked me 2 years ago if that would have ever happened I'd have told you no.

Next year my word of the year is "Limits" because I know sometimes I push myself too hard.
I'm going to still try and create every day, and I'm going to try to publish blog posts at least 5x per week but every day posting was a little tough sometimes.

Speaking of pushing boundaries.
I am doing ballet slippers and I am IN LOVE with them.
So. Much. Fun.

Aren't they pretty? I love the way the paint acts on the satin!

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  1. I have loved this challenge but like you posting nearly every day has been hard. I will still be creating - probably each day knowing me - but not posting about it. Your art work has been inspirational! You have so many talents! Now off to create something else - I haven't missed one day yet and I hope not to!