Thursday, August 13, 2015

Thursday of Excitement, fun stuff, contest with secrets and fun!

Yesterday was a busy day! I had an amazing class of 4 ladies who spent the afternoon tangling with me and then came home to find out that my pattern BrrrSt  had been featured on Tangle Patterns. Super cool stuff huh?
I was excited, especially since I didn't even submit that one so I had NO IDEA it was coming, it was a cool little surprise! :D

Anyway... so I have some cool pictures to share of my class but I'm going to wait til tomorrow to show you those because I AM JUST SO EXCITED about the tiles I just finished I can't wait to show you.
They're part of the samples for my Tangles and Ink class that I'm teaching wth my friend Sara who is an amazing potter! (SO if you happen to be in the Buffalo area, you can sign up for our September workshop here )
As I was making the samples, I created a tile that I think is my absolute favorite.. ever.
So without any more build up... lol (because I know sometimes stuff I love other people don't fall in love with the same way) but I'm really excited about this one... .
Tangles and Ink class sample
 I really like this one too...
Tangles and Ink class sample
I used the inks to kind of create the string and then worked within it on both.
Two completely different tiles, and so much fun. Oh my gosh. I'm going to have to make more.

It looks like it's going to be a beautiful weekend, so I hope you are getting some great plans going and I can't wait to see the amazing things you all create!

OH! I promised a giveaway!
I have put together a little surprise pack that I think you'll like a whole lot and it's going to contain a secret about something fun that's coming that ONLY the winner will learn in advance.

So, to enter.. you have to be participating (link up your art! I may not always comment but I do always look!!!! even if it takes a day or so) and you have to leave a comment for me and tell me why I should pick you as my secret keeper!

 I'd LOVE it if you shared the blog post on your social media too because I'd really love to see some new people come show me their creative side too, but I'm not going to make that a requirement.

Ok! Have fun!


  1. Pick Me, Pick Me!!! Because: #1 - I can keep a secret, #2 - I've lost my mojo it seems, and I could use some kind of creativity boos, and #3 - It's just been a really rough couple of weeks and I could definitely use something GOOD to happen. :) Have a great day Kelly! Love those tiles, btw. I gotta try this ink thing, for sure!

  2. The tiles are awesome! Can you believe this is day 225 of the 2015 challenge?

  3. me-me-me-lol~~I would love the -challenge-of keeping your secret!! awesome tiles!