Saturday, August 1, 2015

Art O Mat Blocks

I hope to have these finished up by next week to send out to Art o Mat!
First, the blocks have to be prepped.
I find this the most frustrating part. I'm not excited by priming stuff! They do look nice when they are fresh little canvases though!

This is what the whole work in progress thing looks like! I can keep them pretty self contained, which is a nice change. I usually take over all the available space to do anything!

Close up of some of the tangling!

So today, I'm off to Chalkfest, so it's a super busy weekend for me.
I've been invited to participate in the storybook section, which means my portion has to be completed before things even really get under way, so I'll be up SUPER early and won't have time to get this posted. Being up early works out. I don't sleep much when I'm excited.
My daughter and her best friend are as excited as I am.
I'm actually writing this before bed on Friday night so that this will be there for you on Sat morning. I hope you have a great day tomorrow and if you follow me on Instagram you might see some real time shots, otherwise, I'll be posting them on Sunday!

Happy Weekend! Cross your fingers it doesn't rain on our chalk festival!

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