Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Happy Wednesday...

I wanted to have a lot to show you... but... it was a rainy, kind of draggy day yesterday and I didn't get much done.This morning I was updating listings on Etsy. Lots of back end creative solutions for things but nothing pretty to showcase, so I dug in my files for something I've never shown you.

It's actually in a book. :)

Kinda cool huh?

Today I have to work on some sneakers, so I'm not NOT creating today, I just hadn't gotten to it and didn't want to wait til later to post.
So anyway...
What are you working on today?


  1. Love your art work! Here is my work for days 159 - 161. Thanks to all the challenges out there, keeping something going is fairly simple - of course, summer break helps a lot too.

  2. Week 23, can you believe it? I'm linking to my weekly post today. Lots more digital art and collage, my new obsession. It's especially fun to take some of my hand-drawn or hand-painted pieces, and layering them digitally to create all new artwork.