Sunday, June 21, 2015

Whimsy wall

A few weeks ago I requested a tile from my CZT friends around the world. I am feeling REALLY spoiled with the fact that I'm getting tiles daily from all over the globe!

Yesterday I was a little hectic and working on something I can't share because it hasn't been opened yet.... LOL .... but I also installed some of the tiles on one of my bulletin board walls.

I'm posting pics using the hashtag #whimsywall if you want to watch the progress or see new pieces as they come in.

So far I have nearly 30 tiles. I'll be doing a second section later today before the father's day festivities. Aren't they beautiful?

Each so unique, so distinct, so full of life and zen!

I also want to take this moment to appreciate the amazing Dad's in my life. :)
My Dad who is awesome in pretty much every way, including being a great Grampa to my kids.
My Husband who gave me the greatest gifts in my life!
My "little" brother, who finally got around to making me an aunt.
And to all my friends who are the embodiment of what is means to be a great Dad.
I am really lucky to know so many people who are wonderful fathers.
I hope you have the best day!


  1. Love your wall, it's going to be awesome! I have a new mandala template today, and since there will be a new lesson tomorrow in my digital art class, I'm expecting more artwork to come out of that.

  2. It's so exciting! :D It's so pretty!!!!