Friday, June 19, 2015

Color Palettes

So my newest obsession is playing with color palettes. While setting up the studio I looked at TONS of paint swatches, color palettes, etc and loved it. So I started taking a peek at some pictures and pulling color palettes out of them. I used Adobe Color, which I love, (Thank you kiddo! My daughter found the app and knew I'd love it!)  to make these and then I made a little collage of the palette so you can see what inspired that palette. I have them saved on my phone and in my "library" of color now, so whenever I fall in love with the colors of something I can use them in my work. 

I thought I'd share some of these with you now!

This was easy, colors from my logo!

Then I went crazy and started color paletting (that's not a real word I'm sure) EVERYTHING

The studio
Keeping this for when I want to match stuff!!!

Some of the flowers I got at my grand opening:
From my sister Katie

My fairy garden from my aunt

I love this photo taken of my son playing with my niece and little cousin in the backyard... the colors made it feel timeless, so that was a candidate for another palette...(See what I mean about it becoming an obsession?)
Warm summer evenings are made for playing outside!

Nothing is too inconsequential for me to say...oohhh that's pretty... 
Cherry ice cream anyone?

And of course... last, but certainly not least...
Dobby. She's kind of floor colored. LOL
Dobby selfie. 

Now I don't really know what I'm going to DO with these, but I like them, they're fun and they're something different. 

What are you working on today?


  1. Colour palettes are so much fun. Are you on Pinterest? I have a board where I keep my favourites:

  2. I am on pinterest! I should create a board for palettes! What a great idea!