Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tackle it Tuesday Letter F and Challenge 161 (Quandary)

I have 2 completed today, for 2 of my weekly challenges.
I have 2 really cool new projects that I'm not talking about yet, but I'm not going to stop doing these!

This from the Laura over at I am the Diva and it was to use Quandary. I can tell you honestly, I've never used Quandary before, and I don't know if I will never use it again. While I do like the way the tile turned out,I did not enjoy doing that tangle. I found it really hard to focus on and my patterns didn't come together the way I wanted them to.
Maybe I will practice it more, maybe I won't. :)
Challenges are good, they push me outside my comfort zone.

This next one I really liked. I didn't realize how many of the F tangles I really like.  This is from the Tackle it Tuesday weekly challenge from Cheryl over at Artful Creations and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out! (I may try something new with these in the next few weeks as well... wait and see!


  1. Your Quandary tile is really lovely and has great depth. I don't think it matters about being perfect - better not in my opinion. And thanks for introducing me to a new challenge! I love the idea of doing tiles with tangles that all begin with the same letter - I've done some like this just for myself, but I love the challenges and seeing what others do. Great F tile! Ax

  2. Both tiles are really beautiful, the second one has a great composition.

  3. Since you mentioned you had a hard time with quandry, I made a tutorial that hopefully explains it better for you. You can find it at http://memorysdream.com/zentangle-2/quandry-tutorial/

  4. I think your Quandary turned out very well. (I use a grid and it quite simple that way.) Your second tile is really nice too; I love Footlights. (It took me forever to say that as I couldn't remember the name of the tangle. I went through beams, headlights, spotlights and more HAHA!)

  5. Thank you so much everyone! And Louise, thank you for the tutorial! That will be really helpful for me!

    1. I'm glad you like it! I had fun making the tutorial. It helped me understand quandry better.

  6. Quandary and Mooka play so well together in your tile.

  7. Both are wonderful! I like your combination of Quandary with this lovely Mooka in the first one! The second is really great!