Monday, April 7, 2014

This one took a few days

I've been working on this one off and on for a few days, I had a really hard time deciding which tangles to use and where to put them and how I wanted it to look. It didn't actually come together until the last little bit, and I almost wonder if there should be MORE shading. This great template is also by Ben Kwok. I love his style and if you haven't checked out his artwork you really should.

Several people have asked about the size of my work, the zendala style pieces , the rose, the zebra and most of my patchwork style stuff are usually on 8x10 pieces of cardstock or in my 11x18 sketchbook.

The weekly challenges and Tackle it Tuesday challenges are always small and done in my little sketchbook, so they probably turn out about 4x4.

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