Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Eggs

These are too simple to really feel like they counted as being creative, and they didn't turn out QUITE the way I was hoping but they were easy, and sometimes.. Easy is good! I threw them in a collage for something different.

I used gel colors and next time I will just use the regular cheapos, I think they will turn out more vibrant.
Next time I think I'm going to blow out the insides to zentangle eggs... can't have them room temp because ew, so the pen doesn't work "quite right" on the shell otherwise.

That's ok. It's Easter. :) They were fun, that's the point right?

I love the artsy shot in the middle that I took while dying the eggs. (Please ignore my messy counter tops!) I had to stand on a chair and shoot THROUGH my pretty tulip plant to get that. :D

(I AM NOT a photographer!. Duh. Obviously!)

I hope your day is filled with bright spring colors, sunshine and if you celebrate Easter, lots of chocolate bunnies!

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  1. Awesome cool! You did a wonderful job on your eggs. Thanks for sharing your art with us.