Sunday, March 2, 2014

I'm in the need for a little spring... WIP

I've been playing with some new techniques and trying some different styles, and just generally PLAYING with my pen and paper.

I'm working on something that I have fallen in love with and I thought I'd share it with you as I go.

Here are the first 3 pics... and today I'm setting it aside to work on a challenge and let myself decide where I want to go with it from here.

My initial sketch and outline. I did do this differently than I have been lately. I did it all in pencil and I have been avoiding pencil while I worked on zentangles except for shading. I forgot how much I love pencil. I took this right after I put ink to paper.

The largest flower is inspired by Helen Williams over at A Little Lime. I actually kind of fangirl over her work and just recently downloaded her ebook, I used her techniques on that.

This next one shows a little bit of progress as my ideas took shape.I've always drawn whimsical flowers and stuff.. usually filling them with patterns and polka dots. The Dr Seuss/Tim Burtonesque striping is a huge favorite of mine to do on things and this just screamed for it to me.

And where I left it when I had to put it aside to get some sleep last night. I'm not sure where I'm going from here. I think.. maybe it's about half done? But I could look at it tomorrow and decide it needs 3 more things and that's it.
My husband asked me yesterday "How do you know when art is done?" and I said, "well... I don't think there's a set end, you just KNOW"
So, I may not know what it needs yet, but I do know that this one isn't done.

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