Thursday, March 6, 2014

New challenges to add to my list!

Cheryl over at Artful Creations  has given me more to do! Well, not me specifically, her blog doesn't say, HEY KELLY... JOIN US...  but yes, me. She has created a challenge she calls Tackle it Tuesday and I figure the more of these I do the more likely I am to reach my goal of creating almost every day. I know it's not Tuesday, but hey, I have things to do besides play with paper from time to time.
I missed the first one, which was to use only Tangles that started with A (I will go back and do that asap), but I jumped in with the second one, which is to use only B tangles. This was fun, there are a lot of B tangles, I used some favs and some I'd never touched before.
I used:
Birds on a Wire (new to me)
Betweed (one of my favorites actually, although I used to find it hard to fit places!)
Bales (another fav)
Bask It (this one is showing up in my stuff more and more)
Beadlines (new to me)
Boo-Kee (also new to me, and which I did wrong, but I liked how it turned out so I kept it)
Bronx Cheer
Bulb Lantern (again, new.. this one just makes me think of the movie Tangled! How fitting!)
Bunzo (new)
Bwiya (not quite new but I've only used it once before)

I was writing the list and thinking.. it's not that big, I couldn't have used that many tangles, but I did!
Here's how it turned out.

I've also joined the Ornation Creations facebook group with the amazing templates of Ben Kwok and I am really excited to start on some of those this weekend. He has a giraffe! *le sigh* Happiness!
So I have my new pens, a new sketchbook, wood for my fireplace, lots of tea and some really good food to make and my kids are pretty well occupied. I know what I'm doing this weekend!!!!

(Can we say Pajama weekend??Hibernation! It's what people who hate the cold do right???)
So I hope to have something to share from that by the end of the weekend and of course I have my garden to work on.
I guess that's all for today!

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