Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Falling behind!

I'm behind on my uploads, not necessarily my creations. So without a lot of chatter... I'm going to post a few at once and then I'll get back to regular posting.

This is one that was originally for Dare #1.
It's called Simplicity and this was what came to mind when I thought of that, for multiple reasons. I really love the way it turned out, the picture doesn't do this one justice. It's also small and in sketchbook size.

The next couple are very freeform from my sketchbook as well and seem really messy to me but I like them anyway. 

This is not a tangle, but when I realized I'd accidentally uploaded a picture of her here I decided to leave the amazing cuteness here for you to enjoy as well. 

My lines aren't straight in my paradoxes here, not even a little, but you know, it's ok. This is one of the Zendala Dare templates that I like to keep handy for practice and to keep me busy. Of course now that I look at it and like it, I'll never be able to replicate the wavy paradoxes again. 

I have more that I haven't posted, I'll get those up later.

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