Sunday, September 20, 2015

Fun with Photography!

I struggle with pictures. I always have, often I have great ideas in my head and just can't capture them the way I want to, but... .
I do have beautiful light in my studio.

So yesterday, my friend Sara brought over the pieces of pottery we'd done so we could take pictures!

And we got creative..... and I'm happier with these photos than any photos I've taken before
(Sorry, lots of pictures in this post!)

I know they're far from perfect, but I'd love your opinons!


I think the little green check works best for this one

These are some magnets, they turned out pretty fun!

And Christmas magnets to practice for the upcoming holidays!


  1. The pottery pieces are beautiful and great photography too!

  2. Beautiful work on all these pieces, I really love the 2 sushi trays! Does your friend ever do work in terra cotta? I think that vase would look really lovely on terra cotta with a white accent instead of red.
    Keep up the great work and collaboration!

  3. Good job on the photos. Adding a subtle background is very effective.