Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Symbols and fanart and inspiration

Sometimes I get asked to create things that leave me a little stumped.
Recently I got a request for a pair of Sherlock/Mortal Instruments/Percy Jackson and Divergent.
These were a LITTLE bit of a challenge, but I went outside my normal comfort zone and I really like the way they turned out.
I've done Sherlock before but this was a new treatment of it, to make it fit better with the colorings I was using. Plus, since I was going for simple symbols, I wanted to use this chance to really make it distinct. 
Sherlock of course!
 Mortal Instruments I don't have a lot of experience with, I haven't read them and this is the 2nd time they've come up. I know enough to know the runes are prevalent and important. I think it's time to read the books though!
Mortal Instrument Runes! All hand painted
 Divergent is the one that threw me. I'm still emotionally distraught about the books so I haven't watched the movie yet. The faction symbols seemed to be ideal to capture the spirit so I did these on a silvery gray wash accented with a silver and copper border. They didn't photograph nearly as cool as they look in person unfortunately.
Faction symbols
 Percy Jackson... how to make Percy Jackson fit... The Trident. In Silver, Gold and Copper.
Percy Jackson inspired Trident
 So there you have it. I'm pretty pleased with how these turned out, especially since I was concerned about a few pieces going in.

This was still in process before I antiqued it, which managed to both brighten and tarnish the colors. 

I love the way the Trident finished 
So there you have it... these are the sneakers that are currently completed. I have an awesome pair of Nintendo ones I'll be starting soon and a pair of Welcome to Night Vale in process...
Can you say glow cloud anyone?

I've started listening. My daughter is so happy when I get her references now. LOL

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