Sunday, July 12, 2015

Post it Holder Project!

Today I thought I'd share the directions for a fun little activity we added to Midsummer Tangle the other day.

Tangled Post it Holder

Post it holders:
·         Cardstock 3½x 8
·         1-2 tiles (our choice)
·         1 pack of post its
·         Pencil (Zentangle®are perfect size) or small gel pen
·         Coordinating scrap paper
o   2 strips each about 1½ in long x ½” wide
Score and fold in 3 ¾” from each side of your card stock
Glue the edges of your scrap paper (can use cardstock) together to make 2 loops
(fit to the size of your pencil or gel pen)
Glue to front and back of your post it holder (outside)
Attach a completed tile on the front and back (which will secure your holders)

Stick post its or other tiles inside. 

I may have made some other stuff this weekend too. 
Midsummer Tangle weekend!

Now getting ready for another great day with amazing ladies!


  1. Hi, Kelly ~ this looked like a great workshop. Can you tell me how you like using the book I see above (The Art and Science of Spirals)?