Monday, September 29, 2014

Stuff I've been working on this week

First, I have to say it is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous this week. Makes it hard to be productive. :)
My facebook contest ends tomorrow, so if you haven't liked my page and a post or two that's really all you have to do for a chance to win a free pair of custom Converse.

Here's my Diva Challenge...
I love how it always forces me to think outside the box.

My Powerpuff girls in progress... 

And I've been hard at work on my blocks for the Art *O* mat project. I've got about half of my 50 done now... so that's coming along nicely!


  1. nice Diva tile. I especially like Flux (is that the name of the pattern? - I'm terrible with names) right in the middle of your tile.

  2. i love your tile. you have used tangles that I usually avoid but after seeing this I have to try them again. very inspiring, thank you

  3. Love your Tile, Kelly. You've used some of my favorite Tiles. Your blind string made for a very interesting design. Well done. (Love your Powderpuff girls.)

  4. I like your "blocks" (is that what they are called?) - they look amazing.. Your tangles are so neat and look flawless!

    Have a great week!

  5. Your challenge tile is lovely, I like the presentation of it.

  6. Great tile! I also like your blocks!

  7. I like the flow between your tangle patterns.