Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Christmas cards, already?

I've been working on Christmas cards lately,I know it seems so early but if I don't get them started they won't get done!  Because it seems so early I'm not going to post what they look like yet!!!  I'm already hearing about Christmas in stores. Eeek.
How soon do you start on your holiday stuff? Either for gifts, or sales if you sell or decorating? I really wanted to be further on them, but I'm still all about Halloween so I'm struggling to get over that creative block!

I'm usually working on about 12 different things, so here are a few work in progress shots of what things look like here and sadly very little completed work the past few days!

I'm working on another block for my AIC project as practice and soon I'll be working on my first batch of 50!
It's painted and ready to go, I should have it done in a day or so. You know if I get to pull out my pens today! I actually LOVE this stage, the block has been painted and edged in black and is basically a completely blank canvas. It's really the complete definition of possibility to me.

Here are a pair of Deadpool Converse I'm working on, they're still in the pretty early stages.

I did finish a new vine video. Turn off the sound, I'm still learning.. and what I learned on this one is oops... turn off your music while you're doing stop motion. Ugh, it's pretty disjointed and I haven't figured out if you can edit sound on Vine yet. 

I did some tangling...

I got my welcome package for my CZT certifcation, and have been planning some ideas for that! I'll be official in November!

And while this isn't art related it's pretty cool. This is a fact finding mission for the family tree project my cousin is working on. I just started helping her with it, it's very cool. I love vintage pictures!

I'm missing challenges. Both the ones I like to participate in, and the ones I was posting myself. 
I promise to get one up here on Friday this week. I even know what it will be and I am going to make time to catch up on some of the other challenges out there too.

Have a great week everyone if I don't see you before then!

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  1. Christmas,hmm..., I don't really do that anymore. Although earlier I was thinking of making some ZIA cards to send to the few people on my list(it has gotten smaller and smaller over the years). Your tile is lovely. I know what you mean about vintage photos. I developed trees for both sides of my family as well as a tree for my birth mother;s family. I also helped two friends do trees. That is another very long project.