Friday, September 19, 2014

Well I feel productive! (and a new challenge template!)

Ok, I said the other day that I needed to get busy and catch up with challenges... and so I did.
I competed a bunch of the challenges put out weekly by Laura Harms over at I am the Diva (If you don't follow her or participate you totally should!)
But I was behind since.. sometime in early summer. So in the last few days I completed... not 1, 2, or even 3, but 8 of hers!
Wow. Really, she's up to 185, and now I am too! (I still haven't posted all the first ones that I went back and did, I should make that a project this fall!)

So without further babbling...
177- Truffle. I like the way this one turned out so organic. It makes me feel like I fell into Alice in Wonderland or the garden or something!
177- Use the Tangle Truffle
 178- Duotangle by the letters, using tangles with the first letters of your name.
So, K & B
Two of my favorites Krli-Q and Bales!
178-Duotangle by the letters
 179- Be like Bijou, Tiny tiles! This isn't actually a tiny tile, or "twinchie" because I don't have any. I actually ended up doing this in the corning of my Marketing homework!
                   179-Be like Bijou
 180- This is a UMT- (Use my Tangle) This one is called MacDee, and I love it, cause it's PLAID! I love PLAID!!!
180-UMT MacDee
181- Water.
I am not sure about this, but my daughter loves it. It's to use water as an inspiration. This is different than many of my other pieces but it's kinda fun and hey... COLOR!
181- Water
182- Stripes. A fun opportunity to use a bunch of tangles!
182- Stripes
183- UMT- X-Did. I don't think I "did" this one right, but I am happy with the result. It was new to me, so you know what that means right? PRACTICE!
183- UMT X-Did
184- New Tangle by Molly. I like it. I'll use it a lot, another one to practice though!
184 New Tangle by Molly
185- Duotangle Phicops & Diva Dance. Not sure about this one but it DOES have a lot of movement to it.
185- Phicops and Diva Dance
AND I'm CAUGHT UP on those!
I also fell off the alphabet wagon. :( Cheryl over at Artful Creations had a cool alphabet challenge going, for Tackle it Tuesday I stopped somewhere around K I think. (I'll have to check) I want to finish that but I'm not sure when... but the fates aligned and the day before  I looked to see how behind I was... she had launched a NEW CHALLENGE! So I am throwing myself in and encourage you to do so too! This week was to use Tangles that started with S, E and P.
Here's mine.
I used Peaknuckle, which I love but never feel like I have quite perfected, Sand Swirls which is a favorite and EEZ.
I'm very happy with this one actually.

So then there's one more thing...
I've been posting challenges here and there for a while, mostly there since my 30 day (Which I WILL be running again in the future!!) but I promised you a new template for fun. So....
We "Grew a Garden"
We "Built Houses"
Now... Let's "Make the Bed"
(Can you tell I have too much housework to get done these days?)
But I think it'll be fun and I actually have something that's been in my head since I was a little girl and read the Princess and the pea for mine.

So here's your template.

I know they don't look like much but it's really the prompt and giving you a few things to work around to make it a challenge... so, what are you waiting for?

Please play along and you can share too!


  1. Lovely tiles. I, too, need to go back and do the past challenges. Maybe I'll add that to my list today (one more list).

  2. If anyone had issues with the template it's been fixed and is downloadable now.

  3. Good job, I really like your tiles!

  4. Nice to see all of them in one post. The challenge tile of this week is very beautiful.

  5. You did an amazing job on all challenges past! Glad you snuck my new challenge in!!!

  6. Hi Kelly - great job of catching up!! Your truffles is my favorite. Lately I have started using the ferris wheel or umbrellas ... the one with the spokes. I love what you have done with it.

    ~ Diane Clancy