Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bright Owl Zentangle Dares

Erin over at The Bright Owl posts weekly dares. Again, I'm jumping in in the middle, but these will be great inspiration for me so I'm determined to do them all. I'm going to jump in and then "backfill" as time allows.

She has them set up where you can transfer the pattern to a tile, print it on a paper or I just use my favorite method which is lightbox it into my sketchbook.

I may actually print her templates though for fast and easy tangling when I need some art inspired zen. :)

She does a great job, there are a lot of amazing artists over there and I could spend all day lost looking at the work everyone else has done, but instead... I'm going to go work on last weeks dare, because she did not post one this week and if I get this done, I'll be "Live" with the rest of the group by next week!

I hope you are enjoying following along with my online sketch book.

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