Sunday, October 11, 2015


I sold a few watercolors recently and this is one I did that won't work for the project. So, back to the drawing board. Painting board?
Anyway I like it but I knew as I was doing it that it didn't seem right.

I like them though. I might repaint the bathroom to hang them in there!

I have 2 pair of sneakers that are hopefully shipping on Tuesday and another pair that are en route, so once those arrive I can share those.
They were fun, multi-fandoms merged into one pair, that's more challenging than you'd think!

I hope you're having a beautiful fall weekend, I know I am!


  1. Kelly...I find these so beautiful. Hydrangeas are my #1 all time favorite flower in the whole wide world. You did these exquisitely. xox
    (PS: are you going to Tangle U?)

  2. Kelly, love the hydrangeas. The colors are delightful.