Monday, October 19, 2015

Marbling, and tangling and more!

This is one of my favorite pieces from this past weekend. It's done on a beautiful marbled tile that we learned how to do from Diane Yaciuk and I used some of my favorite tangles to create a leaf on it as well.
So. Much. Fun.
This pushed me way outside my creative limits, I struggled because there was already beautiful art on this tile and I needed to find a way to add to it, which made it really hard for me. I tend to think "Oh I just want to leave it like this!"
But this, as I added to it, I fell in love with it.

I love fall. :D
I may have mentioned that.

Anyway, I had the best weekend, I'm catching up on energy and I'll share more about it in the coming days!


  1. Love this piece, Kelly! I have been playing with different backgrounds as well, and I can totally relate to the hesitation to add to something you already find beautiful. You did a magnificent job!

  2. That tile is really gorgeous. I still have a couple of marbled pieces from the last Camerida, I need to bring those out!