December Tangle Troves

Hi! Welcome to this months Tangle Troves tutorials page!
I'm really excited about all of the items this month and hope you have a fantastic time!

First, here is your #charminglittlehouses tutorial video.
You will need your password that is included in your gem bottle to access it.

You can find your Tangled Candles video here:

Almost any candle shape or size is useable with this technique.
Some things to keep in mind.
As you try out this technique you’ll find that candle color and additional coloring materials affect the final appearance of your design. When wax melts into the paper on which you stamped your images, the paper becomes almost transparent and the candle color itself shows through. Depending on the coloring materials used, a dark candle might render the stamped (and perhaps colored) imagery invisible. A flower tinted with pink chalk, for example, will be barely noticeable once it’s melted into the surface of a moss green candle. Tip: If you favor the pastel look of some chalks and pencils, choose a white or parchment-colored candle as your image backdrop. Such hues cause little color alteration and your images will look much as they do on your white tissue.
But what if you wish to have a dark candle and opaque images? Perhaps you envision a subdued winter background with a flurry of white snowflakes? Or maybe gold stars and a silver moon against a night sky? Whatever the scenario, don’t dismiss dark candles out of hand. Just use the appropriate coloring materials to avoid the transparency issue and other conflicts with color choice.
• Buff any dull areas with cheesecloth or some old panty hose to restore a glossy shine.
• The wax paper can be used over and over, juse use a new spot each time.
•Parchment paper can be substituted for wax paper
• When your image is stuck you will likely no longer see your edges.
• You can lift the wax paper to check as once it's started to melt it will not move.
• You can color your tissue paper if you wanted to make colored in images.
Safety Tips 
Wear a protective oven mitten or similar safety glove on the hand holding the candle, especially if your fingers are sensitive to such heat or if your hand is less than steady. Also, if control of the heat tool is a challenge, swap it for a craft iron set at a low temperature; simply touch the tip of the heated iron to the surface of the waxed paper and gently rub it over the images until they blend into the candle.)

Fold Pattern for Lanterns
Do NOT use candles inside lanterns.
Please use flameless or battery operated candles or lights.
You can click this image to view it larger.

Happy Tangling and Happy Holidays.
See you next year!


  1. I don't know where the instructions for this project are. I went to the link on the paper I was given and it brought me here. I would appreciate some help with this. Thank you

  2. Same problem, wonderful items but no info on how to put them together. Is it somewhere else?

  3. It looks like when I did my last update it deleted them! I'm sorry I didn't see this til now, I was away from the computer for the holiday.
    I'll try and get them back up tonight/tomorrow am!