Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Starbucks red cup challenge. :) #REDCUPCHALLENGE

So people are freaking out about the Starbucks red cups and how they aren't "Christmasey" enough and first, I say who cares.. if that's your biggest problem congrats on your truly beautiful life.

And for those that feel the need for more Christmas, well... I'll get to that.
What I LOVE about the cups is that they are beautiful, gorgeous holiday red.
Blank Canvas.

Aren't they beautiful?
I love them!!!!! BLANK CANVAS people!

So I did this. With my Venti peppermint cocoa. Yum. Peppermint cocoa!
 And then I did this to my friend Sarah's eggnog something. :D

Which is what I wanted to do from the moment I first saw the cups.


Which made me think about the holidays... and why do our holidays have to fit into a nice little box?
So I'm issuing you and everyone you know this challenge.
This holiday (whichever one you celebrate) take some do something that you think embodies the spirit of the season for you. Whether it's a RAK, or volunteering or spending time with family or something awesome I haven't thought of...
Then go get a cup of Starbucks something and decorate a cup and share it with me here or on twitter or instagram or something using the tags #redcupchallenge and we can put all the festive in the holidays we need... without it being predefined.

On New Years eve I'm going to give away a gift card to Starbucks. Winner will be chosen at random. :) Tell your friends. Pass it on. Have them play too. #redcupchallenge

Why am I pushing Starbucks at you for this? Because today is Veterans day... and while everyone was freaking out over the red cups... Starbucks also did this.  And if that doesn't speak of doing something awesome, I don't know what does, so I'm happy to spend a few dollars with a company that I want to stand behind.
And if you don't want to Starbucks it up..that's ok. Pick a blank canvas to use and you can still play along. 

So, there you go. :)

This is how I"m kicking off the Happy Holidays, and if I know what you celebrate personally, I'll make sure to wish you that when it happens!

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